Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Whales Ahead!

Out of a life-long fascination for the life of and on the sea, a couple of years ago I created the Whale Cup. I used a salt white glaze on the outside, Hell Fire Red on the inside, then storied it with antique illustrations. This inspired a series of beads based on the sea, in particular, WHALES!

So far these have been created in limited editions and by special requests. I'm currently at the cabin working on making more - I'll be introducing these and other ocean-themed beads in my shop in a few weeks...

You may ask, what is the source of the fascination for the sea, in particular, for the history of sea-faring navigation? Easy - my father. My dad was a navigator in the air force (from the pre-computer days when they literally "shot" stars through a tiny astrodome in the top of the plane). He has always loved the water, sailing, and tales of the sea. I include here a photo of my dad teaching my daughter Audrey to pilot a sailboat.