Saturday, May 7, 2011


Each time I visit the southwest, I never cease to be amazed and inspired by the color and magic I encounter. One of my favorite spots is Canyon De Chelly. Here are a few photos from my trip a few years ago and recent work inspired by it.

I am intrigued by the marks left behind by ancient people who once lived there. In the 2nd photo are 3 marks that I am most drawn to: a circles-in-circles glyph, a 4-way glyph, and a scorpion. I am told that the circles represent the start of a journey, and the 4-way glyph, a turning point. In my other (art) blog, I explored imagery related to these fundamental archetypes - the journey and the turning point: The Wheel ImagesWhirl GlyphGlyph 5EquilibriumInterlocking WorldsShield, and Mishepeshu, among others.

Customized Mugs in Progress

Here's a batch of mugs with designs applied, ready for firing. I'm tinkering with a new technique to try to preserve as much of the glaze color richness as possible during the third and final decal fire. My first attempt did not quite hit the mark, so I'll be doing another round of these over the next few weeks.