Monday, July 7, 2014

Newsletter and Shop Update

I recently started a newsletter for Starry Road Studio. I did this to help keep you all up to date on the latest events, updates, and news. Especially since many of you are not on FaceBook or even if you are, find it to be sometimes busy and difficult to follow.  

As a "Thank You" for signing up, I am offering a special coupon. To find out what it is, sign up here: 


In Other News...

Look for a shop update this week on Thursday at 4 PM EST in my web store Starry Road Studio on Indiemade (not on etsy). The main theme is "Sand & Sea". I also have a collection of "Ancient & Tribal" themed pieces. I'm super excited about this update because I have lots of new designs I've been hard at work on. Here are just a few snapshots of what will be in the update....

IMG 3157
IMG 3122
IMG 3129
This just scratches the surface of what will be in the update. There are many more offerings, so be sure to stop by on Thursday!