Tuesday, March 17, 2015

In the Works...

After a particularly brutal winter, during which I have not been in the best health, I'm finally getting some work done. Here's a few snapshots of work in progress (after the rather bleak looking photo shot out my back door this past December), including a tiny little sneak peak.

Creating a tulip stamp based on my sketches.

A few more carved tulip and quilt block stamps. I ended up not using some of these.

Bear totems.

Barn owl.

Spiral fossil discs.

Beads in the theme of "Way Out West" (coming soon).

Hare totem.

A small sneak peak at one of my arrow connectors.

The back of the arrow connector.

Tiny sneak peak of my "Way Out West" update coming soon.

Glazing in progress...

Bears and Hares! And other stuff in progress...

Bead beads beads!

Glazing to be finished.

Beads waiting for their little glaze coast lol.