Saturday, June 23, 2012

Clay Dings, Bronze Dings, and Copper Dings

In a combination of various design tracks I have been developing - a recent collaboration with Genea of Geneabeads along with research into tribal bead styles, and my own work in a bead style I created called "Ancient Relics", I developed a bead style I am calling "Clay Dings" (with Genea's blessing, I chose the name in homage to her famous "Wing Dings").

My first round were created in stoneware and black raven clay. Then I followed up with this design in copper and bronze clay. Here's a sneak peak...

Look for these and other Clay and Metal Dings in the coming weeks in my shop, including Copper Dings and Bronze Dings with color patina!


For the past couple of months I've been working copper and bronze metal clay and adding patina. I am LOVING the new medium! Here's a sneak preview ...

Friday, June 15, 2012


Did I mention that my daughter Nellie has her own fiber dyeing and spinning business? She just launched it about 6 months ago.  More recently she began experimenting with spinning fiber onto wire. I have LOTS of wire in my studio that I use for my jewelry work. Well, she snagged a spool of copper and several of her hand-dyed fibers and the result is a new product I am SO excited about: FiberWire. I'm very proud to offer Nellie's wire in my shop at Starry Road Studio.