Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gifty Stuff...

This was my first time participating in the Oh Hello gift swap and omigosh, when I learned that my gift partner was Lorelei Eurto, I could hardly wait to see what would arrive in the mail! I received her package late in the day on Tuesday - too late (dark) to photograph (and I PROMISED myself that I would take pictures)....

...holy cow I could barely contain myself but I managed to resist busting open the package until the next day...

Then.... what is that expression I see everyone using these days (?) ... oh yeah:  "SQUEEE!!!"   

I always thought that was so silly (I'm way too mature for that) ... until I opened the box...

I instantly fell in love - palette, textures, everything - just beautiful! I am thrilled to pieces!!!!

Every detail exquisite - I truly feel like this necklace was made for me (oh yeah, it WAS!): my love of owls, the woodland-mixed-with-shoreline theme (missy L was aware that that I really liked owls, but how on earth did she know of my love for beach pebbles ?! - that was NOT in the mini bio I submitted for the gift swap!)... 

These stones remind me of my girlhood days along the shores of Lake Superior - where I would often collect little smooth stones very much like these..., in addition to being a brilliant jewelry designer, missy L is also a mind-reader!

In every respect, this suits me to a "T" and I cannot wait to show it off! 

Thank you Lorelei! occurred to me (after I opened my gift) that maybe we were supposed to wait until Christmas day (oops) - but since I will be traveling over the holiday weekend, I figured I SHOULD open it ahead of our departure. Yup - I'm going with that. 


  1. You are so very welcome- I am thrilled that you are happy with it! I was meant to be something different but ended up like like this in the end. I am happy with the execution. If you are like me, which I know you are, I knew you would love the earthy pebbles just as much as I do! :)

  2. Lorelei, you are constantly amazing me with your talent~xxoo

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  4. Lorelei finally received my package (whew - it was getting late and I was a little worried!):

  5. Such a beautiful piece! Love it! There is nothing better than when someone reads your mind and creates something so perfect for you :) Enjoy it, Karen. And Merry Christmas, sweet lady!

  6. Wow how cool -- I'm a MI girl also. Now in NC but I just love those pebbles.How lucky you are!!! Lori B.