Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ocean Talisman: An Art Elements Challenge

My Art Elements teammate and friend Lesley Watt made these amazing ocean-inspired ceramic components for our monthly Component of the Month challenge, and I was immediately drawn to make something with one.

The rough-and-tumble (like shells in the surf) nature of the piece led me to go for an appropriately bohemian and rustic treatment.

So I selected a bit of handmade copper chain that I made some years ago - actually my first attempt at forging and soldering chain - I created all the links using a good deal of solder which I left exposed, created the oval jump rings and linked it all up, then patinated the entire thing. I didn't have quite enough for a full 24" necklace, so I used a bit of copper chain I bought and patinated myself a few years ago, and placed this at the back with one of my links at the end for the hook closure (also made by me). I can adjust the length by hooking into a different link, as desired.

For the focal part of the piece, I used jasper rounds and one of my ceramic beads, along with some seed beads strung together on waxed linen, with a couple of my hand-forged links doubled up at the top, to fasten onto the chain.

The entire thing came together rather quickly, no doubt due to the inspiration of the focal.

I hope you enjoyed my little creation.  Be sure to check out the designs of other participants...


Linda Newnham
Jess Green

Art Elements team

Laney Mead


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  1. Your creation is very Beautiful! I am jealous you get to hang Seaside. Have a blast for me!!!!