Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Bead Collection

Did I mention how much I LOVE making color palettes? Here's a few with beads... I'll be posting these and more over the coming days... enjoy!

Secret Fairy Garden

April Showers

High Desert

Spring Garden Mix

Sand Dollar Bay

English Meadow

Mango Orange Mix

Mountain Meadow Flowers


  1. Did I mention that you are going to make me broke??? LOL - LOVE these!

  2. These are so lovely Karen! I love them all, but especially the purple and chartreuse. Yummy!

  3. GARH >.< I saw the first and was like ' oh.. that's pretty...I could work with that'...then saw the next... and the next ... and the next... and every single one brought the same thought >.< lol

    Gorgeous sets, all of them!

  4. Hey Karen! Would love to buy a set of these if any are left when you get ready to list them. 1st choice is English Meadow, then Spring Garden Mix, then Secret Fairy Garden. Thank you!

    Lisa Staten

  5. WOW!! fantastic! Can't even pick a favorite!

  6. Secret Fairy Garden and Sand Dollar Bay - salivating!!!

  7. These are gorgeous, I would love the top and bottom one.

  8. I think you are going to have to make more, because several of us want the same sets!! Can't wait for you to list.

  9. OOOOOH! I love random bits of loveliness like this. The idea of sets is perfect. I am off to put a dent in my bank account...again!
    Enjoy the day!

  10. Hello - thank you all for your nice comments! I'm sorry I didn't see some of the requests here in time (Doh!). Everything above is either listed in my shop or sold. I've also listed a few OTHERS that are not posted above. So check my shop to see what is currently there. I'll be adding more over the next few days. Stay tuned!

  11. I am the happy owner of a set of "Mountain Meadow Flowers" and "Spring Garden Mix" and I can't tell you enough amazing things about these beads! They are so lovely, teeny, detailed, and omg the beautiful palettes! So amazing!