Thursday, March 8, 2012

Whale Bead Meets Suburban Girl Studio

... and finds a home in a lovely bracelet. 

I have recently been making little whale beads and my friend Diana of Suburban Girl Studio bought one. She made it up into this fabulous little bracelet as a present for a friend who needed a little cheering up. I am SO in love with this bracelet!

Here's a picture of the completed bracelet...

Little Whaley, handmade by me from porcelain, and high fired with in aqua crackle...

Included in the design are Diana's own porcelain beads, a glass bead from SueBeads, a ceramic swirl from Jubilee... 

Glass beads from Molten Mayhem and another of my aqua crackle porcelain beads.


  1. So lovely! When will more whales be swimming into your shop Karen?!?!

  2. Aww, love the whale bead! The entire piece is beautiful, and sure to cheer anyone up.

  3. Karen I just love it...I too would like to know..when more might be swimming into your shop...awesome bracelet...xox

  4. Karen, your whale beads are adorable. Sounds like you need to open the gates so a school (is it called a school?) of whales can swim into your shop soon.

  5. I AM making more whale beads - I hope to have some more in a couple of weeks!