Friday, November 1, 2013

Latest Doings and Makings...

I've been slowly getting ready for the holidays with various ideas for beads. Still haven't thought through what I want to do for ornaments. Not sure I will do any this year. Hmm...

Here's just a few photos of what I've been up to...

First some sketches for sets of beads in a "Holiday Birds" series...

Here's some of the beads in progress...

I'm also working on a set of Chanukah beads, here is a dreidel bead, one of the beads in the set...

A new Owlie bead! Meet Owlie Chick:

I've also been watching over the building of the new studio. Still so much to do! I noticed out back that several cobblestones had been dug up and were laying around. This area is full of cobblestones, smoothly worn stones from the glaciers that used to be here. Some are quite large. They look like dinosaur eggs!

Last week or so, I found an enormous mushroom near the cabin. It was about the size of a pie!

I decided to remove it so I flipped it over ("TIMBER!!!"). The underside is so amazing. 

That's it for news - other than the wind storm blowing through here the past couple of days. Sounds like waves crashing on a shore. Just amazing.


  1. wonderful beads in the making. I especially like the Holiday Birds series.

  2. Love it all, Karen! The owl chick!! Very cool.

  3. The sketches of the new bird/bead sets look amazing! I looove the owl chick! That was so interesting about the stones on your land---about how big are they?

    1. Lynn they are about the size of very large loaves of bread - but incredibly heavy!

  4. Wonderful stuff, K. Love the owls! I note how their shape is similar to the cobblestones... the rocks have spoken! ;-)