Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Serpent Mound Revisited

Some time back, while I still lived in northern Kentucky, I made a visit to ancient sites in Ohio: Serpent Mound and Leo Petroglyph Rock. This journey was part of a series of explorations following a vision I had of a Copper Star.

Serpent Mound

Copper Star
This drawing (above) is just a fragment. In my vision, the star was surrounded by crows.

I was advised by a friend to visit these sites to see what I might find there related to this vision. I did not find a copper star, but I found other interesting things, including copper water in a nearby stream. I also saw glyphs that reminded me of Mishipeshu, the Copper Monster of Lake Superior (as a young girl, I lived near Lake Superior - ever since, I have been fascinated by the stories and myths of that region).

After visiting the sites in Ohio, I happened to meet an elder Hopi woman who was living in the area. She had been asked by her teacher on 3rd Mesa to go there and start up teaching circles. According to Hopi history, this region had been home to ancient Hopi migrations, and many of the mounds and other sites are remnants of that time. The Serpent Mound in particular is said to be of Hopi origin. I joined one of Grandmother J's teaching circles and over time learned that the copper star was a Hopi sign. She showed me a "dreaming blanket" that had on it a picture of a copper star surrounded by 24 crows! I was stunned.

Anyway, here are some images of the area, and glyphs related to my story here...

Map of Serpent Mound

Bird figure with a spirit coming out or in of it's mouth!
It seems to be some kind of transformation concept.

A bear track image - my foot fit inside it perfectly.

A creature on the Leo Petroglyph Rock - an Owl?

Mishipeshu - the Copper Monster of Lake Superior

Copper Water near the Leo Petroglyph Rock

During this period, I also had a dream of a strange being gazing at me from beneath water.  My note at the time: "...from beneath a veil of swamp green water, a blinking eye gazes back at me."

So... I recently reviewed some of my old sketch books, whereupon I decided to revisit this dream image, and make it into clay.

Then it hit me... my dream image of the eye was related to my visit to Serpent Mound (duh!). Perhaps it was my subconsciousness morphing my experience into the image of a living serpent-like creature that could literally stare back at me, or on a more esoteric level, maybe I was able to connect with a strange being out of an ancient time. Who knows? It doesn't really matter - I don't need an answer. I prefer to leave my imagination to it's own devices - much more fun!


  1. Interesting visit! Never new the Hopi migrated from this area...

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

    1. Lisa I am told they migrated to the area long ago. What happened after to cause them to leave, I don't know. I was also taught that the Hopi related to the Maya - an offshoot clan or something like that, which migrated north.

  2. I love this stuff, K. It's so... Postreason! ;-)

    1. And I mean that in the BEST POSSIBLE WAY! :-)

    2. Thanks Dia - I have to agree. It may be time to dust off that old blog. ;-)

  3. Karen!!! Wow, thanks so much for writing and sharing your experiences. :-) Firstly, when I saw your copper star, it's the 6 pointed star which is the merkaba (and Star of David for Jews); but I used to draw it with two triangles (one upside-down, one right-side-up on top of eachother) when I was a young girl. I also see it as the merging of heaven & earth and male & female. Of course, it's in many crop circles too. So, that is really awesome. Seeing it with the crows on the blanket is fantastic and exciting.

    Thanks for sharing about the Hopi & Serpent Mound too. Will look into that.

    Lastly, I had a dream vision about a year ago where something massive walked past my inner eye. It was right up against my nose and it was an EYE of a very large creature. At the time all I could imagine was that it was a dragon. I wasn't really scared, but I did hold my breath as he passed! It was literally so close that all I could see was the eye!

    1. Wow Diana! I do think it is important to pay attention to what are dreams are saying to us. I view dreams as a fuller, "unplugged" (unfiltered), version of our being - where time and space are not limited by our earthly perceptions. I wonder where/when you traveled and what majestic creature you met?

  4. Karen, now I understand why your work is so amazing. ;)